Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kylie's 10th Birthday!

 Kylie is 10! 
Double digits are BIG TIME! ;-)  We had a great time celebrating with friends and family and appreciate everyone remembering Kylie on her special day.  We started the weekend by going to Great Wolf Lodge on Friday with a few friends.  Mimi joined us for pizza and cake and got to experience the "kid-fest" that is Great Wolf Lodge.  It's like a mini Disney World and they sure know how to play to a parent's soft spot when it comes to spending money.  :-)
Walking in to GWL, you can see a few rides from the outside.  
That funnel ride was Jeff and my favorite!

The girls - ready to get out of the cold and into their bathing suits! 

They loved their kids cabin in our room! It was pretty fun!

Cookies I had made for her friends - they were supposed to be the "take home" gifts but got eaten pretty quick because the girls were hungry! I love the lady who makes these - she does such a great job!

Kylie wanted cookie cake and the girls were so excited to eat it! 

Mimi gave her the Hannah Montana movie and some money to spend how she wants!! 
Thanks for coming and hanging out Mom! 

We thought it was so ironic that the day we had Kylie's birthday, there was more snow than ever before - so it was funny that the girls were swimming. We had them step on the patio for a quick shot of this once in a lifetime occasion! 

Big hugs for Daddy!

Because GWL only allows a certain number of people, we had to have a two-night event.  The twins and another friend, Natalie, came over and had a slumber party and went to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Lightning Thief at Studio Movie grill.  

Being silly with the twins - her long-time buddies.  

We had a great weekend - and Dad & Kase came away quite tired - but it was all worth it.  Kylie had a wonderful birthday and the weekend was a success!  

Now that we've had all the snow - bring on SPRING!! We're ready for some convertible weather! 

Snow in Texas!

I must admit, I'm so behind in posting this but I am committed to catching everyone up! So, January and February brought lots more snow to North Texas than I've ever seen in my lifetime - and it called for some fun snow days for the family! See below for some great pictures!  Jeff and Kylie made their first life-size snowman and Marley had a ball playing in the winter wonderland!  

Our beautiful home with lots of snow!

Marley "chillin" in the snow - literally! :-)

Daddy & Kylie working on their snowman! 

She has that look like she's about to hit somebody with a snow ball! 

The finished product! Even Marley got in the picture! 

More to come - we had a blast for Kylie's 10th Birthday!