Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us! (A little late!)

It's hard to believe that (over) a year has gone by since our wedding day.
It really seems like just yesterday that we were getting ready to say "I Do"
and experience one of the best days of our lives.

We were so excited to see each other! The anticipation was killing us! :-)

What an amazing year it has been! I've heard people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest and others say it's the best time of your life. I'd have to agree with both points of view. It's been a great journey so far but it's come with it's fair share of bumps along the way. Our relationship is rock solid but it's the outside factors that have been tough! (Can we say economy?!?) We've made it out in one piece tough and it gives me so much hope because I feel like Jeff and I have been through so much in our four years together that we can endure anything God has in store for us!

So, now for the fun part! The Anniversary weekend! Jeff sent me an email a few days before and said to "be ready by 11am on Sunday dressed cute and casual, bring a nice outfit for dinner and pack an overnight bag." I didn't know anything else but just those few details! I was so excited. Well, to my surprise, he had booked an amazing spa treatment for the 2 of us at ZaSpa at Hotel Zaza in Downtown Dallas. We had an 80-minute hot stone couples massage followed by a relaxing and very romantic aromatherapy bath with champagne. After that we walked to get an appetizer because we hadn't eaten all day. We came back to our hotel room, took a nap and then got ready for dinner. Jeff then took me to Morton's Steakhouse where we had a yummy steak dinner followed by dessert with the top of our wedding cake. (Successfully frozen for the year thanks to Mom!) We also drank a bottle of "J" Pinot Noir that my Aunt Suz & Uncle Trey gave us last year - we had been saving it the whole year!

Dinner at Morton's one year later...I think we've held up pretty well! So happy & in love!

We woke up the next day and had a few mimosas, great breakfast & most importantly celebrated Jeff's 41st Birthday!! What a great weekend it was! Happy Birthday Honey! Thank you for an amazing weekend - and more importantly, for being such a loving, thoughtful and romantic husband! I couldn't ask for anything more!

Here's to many, many more anniversaries!
Love you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yay for Four!

Four has multiple meanings in this post!

First of all, Kylie's First day of FOURTH grade!
Time flies when you're having fun! It's hard to believe that the school year is already upon us. Kylie is excited to be a big fourth grader now and we are excited about the year ahead. Her teachers are wonderful (she has 2 this year) and have been very open and easy to talk to so far. We can't wait to see all the wonder and challenge that 4th grade brings!

Proud Daddy

Couldn't have a post without a recent picture of Marley!

The second "four" in our lives is Jeff and I's FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
Which is also a four - Friday, September 4th!
Yes, I know it's just the anniversary of when we started dating, but despite the wedding anniversary next month, this one is still so dear to my heart. It's wild to look back on the past four years at all we've been through and accomplished. I am more in love with my husband today than any day before and I feel like our relationship gets stronger and richer all the time. Ironically we're going through a series at church about marriage so it's been fun to have a little refresher course as we approach the First anniversary of our wedding. We're taking some time off this week to relax and enjoy time with each other...we are so excited!

So, thank you to all of our friends and family who have been there over the last four years! We appreciate your love and support!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer 2009

Hi all! I know it's been quite a while - hopefully the school year will be better for my blogging habits! We've had a great summer so far and can't believe the 1st day of school is just around the corner. Just to re-cap, we've been swimming a LOT, eating some great food, grilling a lot thanks to our new grill in the backyard, playing with Marley, having friends over, etc. We were so happy to have Kylie for 4th of July this year - that was very special. Last week Kylie and I had some "girl time" and went to get pedicures and new school clothes. It's amazing how fast she is growing up - we get closer every day.
Also, we've recently had fun with the Gibbons Family, below you'll find pics of the sweet kiddos - they get along so well!! We are so grateful for our wonderful friends...we are so blessed at the great friends we have who are always there for us and Kylie!!

Ava & Kylie - cute goggles Miss Ava!
Baby Joe & Sweet Neel - Joe was trying to figure out how to use Aunt Kasey's cell phone!
Kylie's going to be a great big sister one day! She loves these kids!
Well, that's it for now! Congrats to all our friends who've had babies this summer! The list is getting quite long!
Kate Elizabeth & Hailey Claire Collins - our good friends & neighbors' twin girls born May 29th
Isley Reese Batson - a friend at work had a sweet baby girl on July 8th
Jake Colton Graham - my cousin Amber had her baby on July 11th
Mayson Scott Hayward - a friend from DFF had her baby boy on July 20th
Jillian Katie Shurts - another friend at work had a sweet baby girl on July 27th
Bryce Laney Booher - my friend Laney from high school had her sweet baby girl YESTERDAY!
Whew! That's a ton of babies! Guess there's something in the water around here. More to come soon! Let the countdown to cooler weather and more importantly...FOOTBALL SEASON BEGIN! We can't wait!
Kasey (& Jeff, Kylie & Marley)

Friday, May 15, 2009

3rd Grade Field Day!

Today was Kylie's Field Day at Smith Elementary! Jeff was able to stop by and say hi and get in on the fun! He said Kylie was having a blast!

Kylie with her friend Natalie at Field Day
Balancing Act! Way to go girl!
She has a full day of fun because after school she's going to a friend's slumber party where they're going to see the Hannah Montana Movie & have fun girl time!

This weekend will be full of excitement with a wedding tomorrow night and then Sunday my Mom and I are hosting an Engagement Brunch for Ashley! (Pics to follow!) Next weekend we are headed to Austin for Taylor's graduation from UT! We are so proud of him and can't wait to celebrate with the whole family.

Well, that's it for now! Have a great weekend and hopefully we'll be better at posting more often over the summer!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Johnson Update!

We haven't posted anything in a while so we thought we'd give you a quick update. Life is treating us well and we've been pretty busy over the last couple of months! Here's a few of the highlights...
  • Kylie did EXCELLENT on her TAKS test and only missed one question! She also got straight A's on her last report card and was on the A-Honor Roll. We are so proud of her! She takes the math portion of TAKS next week and we know she will do amazing. We couldn't ask for a better student as our daughter!
  • Jeff is facing this economy head on and has been looking for ways to expand his business. We have found some awesome opportunities that bring us hope for the future!
  • Kasey is still moving right along at Dallas Fan Fares and celebrating her 2 year anniversary of being with the company. She also recently volunteered at the Winners for Life charity event (the charity she used to work for) and got to see many old friends and colleagues. Her birthday is just a week away and we look forward to celebrating the big 2-7 with our friends and family!
  • Marley is as cute as ever - just eating, sleeping and playing. Couldn't we all be so lucky?
  • Easter was laid back this year but we got to go to the "Gospel Brunch" at House of Blues with Tom & Courtney so it was a fun time. We just missed not having Kylie with us for the first time in a few years.

Well, that's it for now. Sorry for the lack of pictures but we promise to add some soon. Take care friends!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kylie's Slumber Party - Part One

Jeff making the Cookie Cake for Kylie - it turned out perfect! 
What a great Dad and Husband he is!

Mimi and Lauren watching everyone play Rock Band!  Mimi came over to help us with everything and we can't thank her enough!

Maddie, Lindsay, Kylie, Natalie & Grace eating pizza and having fun!

Elena, Mikael, Juliana & Lauren having fun too! 

Let the Games Begin...
First, the Mummy Game! Each team had to wrap their "mummy" and finish their role of toilet paper before anyone else. The girls had a blast and Jeff even got to play! 

They loved the "Freeze Dance" game.  A few of the girls were amazing!  Maddie was the champ that night and got to take home a small prize.

After the fun, we opened presents and had some yummy cookie cake.  Then we changed into our PJ's and played one last game.   The girls watched High School Musical 3 and went to sleep!

We survived our first big slumber party!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kylie's 9th Birthday -continued!

Here is a video of Kylie opening Rockband on her birthday!  

Kylie's 9th Birthday!

Kylie had such a great birthday this year thanks to all of our friends and family!'s not over yet! She still has her slumber party on Friday to look forward to.  (Marley even joined in on the fun!) We hope you enjoy these pictures and we even have a video of her opening her big present from the family - - ROCKBAND! We had a blast playing it on Saturday and our family was the perfect "3 man band".  Kylie is so good at the drums and Jeff and I switched off between Guitar and Vocals.  (For those of you who have heard me's not pretty!)  Hope you all had a great Valentines! We certainly did and are thankful for our sweet Valentine...Miss Kylie!  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

School Days - 80's Style!

Kylie came home last week and told us that she needed to dress up in 80's clothes... We were a little unsure of how to pull it off but then I remembered the old Bruce Springsteen shirt that I wore to a party a while back.  We thought you would like to see it!  She's here at the school assembly with a few of her friends.  Jeff and I thought it was pretty funny because these kids had no idea what the 80's were.  We also got a kick out of thinking that I was born in '82 and Jeff graduated from High School in '86.  Anyway, besides putting together last minute outfits, we've been busy with work and looking forward to Kylie's 9th Birthday party in a couple of weeks! We've also been dealing with the ice storm and Kylie's school was closed for the day.  Jeff and I worked from home so it was nice to have a change of pace.  Next week I'm off to Orlando for a meeting and Kylie and Jeff are going to the Daddy/Daughter Dance.  Should be a fun couple of weeks! It's also Meems' 76th Birthday on Saturday so we are going to stop by and say hi and give her some birthday hugs!    

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jennifer's Wedding

Last Saturday we went toone of my co-worker, Jennifer's Wedding. It was really fun for us to attend our first wedding since our own! It was at a vineyard in Grapevine. We had a great time and Jennifer was a beautiful bride! Other than the wedding, we've been busy with birthday parties and we finally took the Christmas decorations down! The house looks so bare. Work is busy and things are going great. That's all for now...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Fun

We had a great time over the holiday break.  Christmas is always a busy time for us as we have several different Christmases and events.  We had Kylie for 11 days straight and it was so much fun! We watched Christmas movies, took a carriage ride to look at the Christmas lights and Kylie took  a gingerbread house making class with Mikael and had  a blast!  For New Years Eve, it was just Jeff and I and we enjoyed a night out with our good friends.  We are excited about what 2009 has in store for us and hope to keep up with our blog more frequently!  We welcome your comments and ideas!

Happy New Year!!