Wednesday, January 2, 2013

9 Months (LATE!) & Holiday Happenings

I'm SO behind on my blogging. I hate that. But, I'm going to still do Harper's 9 month post any way. I thought I'd have tons of time over the holidays to get stuff like this done but that just wasn't the case.  Harper got sick with a nasty virus called RSV at the start of the break and it all got worse from there. She ended up having to do breathing treatments every four hours, paired with snot suction (aka torture in her mind), benadryl and lots of was quite a routine.  Jeff also got sick and was sick the whole time too, I had a horrible crick in my neck that lasted for days and we were pretty much home bound with the exception of a few minor excursions to see family on Christmas Eve and then a few days later to celebrate again.  Kylie got a little cough but nothing serious. Needless to say, we were quite a sight for a few days there!  But, despite it all, it was a beautiful holiday season in the Johnson house!

Sweet sick girl sleeping with her head in my lap. :-(

A glimpse into our world with a sick baby for a week and a half!

Despite not feeling great, Harper had a wonderful first Christmas.  She was such a trooper. Even with her croupy cough, runny nose and watery eyes, she was such a joy to watch and be around.  Seeing the wonder and excitement in a child's eyes at Christmas is something that I wish could be bottled and sold. Then again, pretty much every day in a baby's life there's something that amazes them - so you get glimpses of that greatness all year long. Christmas is just special because it's so much at one time!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas since I probably won't have time to do a separate post...

Harper loved meeting Santa and wasn't scared one bit!

Christmas Eve pics - 

Mimi got you a cute pink convertible walker/bouncer. You loved it! 

Riding in style! :-)

Sweet sick girl. :-(

Opening presents with Dada!

So many presents to open!

Santa filled our stockings!

Presents from Santa and the cookies and milk he ate!

Fun on Christmas Morning...

Did I mention we got a WHITE CHRISTMAS?!?

But we only got out in the snow one day to go to the doctor since you weren't feeling well :-(

Coco and Popo were in Costa Rica for Christmas so we went and celebrated with them on Dec. 30th. Trey and Suzanne were there too! It was a blast! They opened a college fund for you for Christmas - a gift that will keep on giving for sure! Thanks guys!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Finally feeling better! 

A few 9 month pics...

You weren't too thrilled about the 9 month sticker this time - so we had to improvise. You recover quickly and that's a great quality to have! :-) That lamb keeps getting smaller and smaller next to you big girl!

Pics from the last month! Please forgive me - I don't have the Tucson pics on my phone so I can't upload many of them - I promise to do a post about the trip ASAP!

Cruisin' through DFW - about to get on your first airplane! 

On your first plane ride!

Arizona gear! 

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's! 

Got to see more family after Thanksgiving! :-)

You got your first tooth on Nov. 30th and your second one on Dec.3! Big girl!

Waiting in line to see Santa on December 14th!

Silly girl. You're always making the cutest faces.  We call this "Baby Alcatraz!"

Now for my 9 month letter...

Dear Harper,

Wow. Now you've officially been on this earth as long as Momma was pregnant! That's so crazy! The past month has been a very fun and eventful one! The most exciting part of the past month was our trip to see Grandma and Grandpa.  You got to go on your first airplane and fly all the way to Tucson, Arizona to see some of our very favorite people! You did so good in the airport, going through security like a champ and boarding the plane like an old pro! (Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn!)  Once we got on the plane, you did great too and ate, napped a bit and then played with Momma and Daddy for the rest of the flight.  We are so blessed that you are such an easy-going, laid back baby.    It was a very exciting trip because Sister Kylie got to come with us at the last minute so we got to surprise Grandma and Grandpa with her being there.  

We spent a whole week in Tuscon for Thanksgiving so Grandma and Grandpa got to love on you lots, see how much you've grown and changed and we all worked with you on your crawling skills.  You would get up on your knees and rock back and forth but we didn't see any crawling while we were there. You saved that for when we got back to Dallas!  We ate lots of good food, saw some fun movies, played games and just hung out. You even got to go on your first hike on Mt. Lemmon while we were there - and that was really special for Daddy.  He used to camp up there with Grandma and Grandpa all the time when he was a little boy so bringing you and Kylie back to the place where he remembers from when he grew up was special. Trust me, you'll become very fond of Mt. Lemmon and we'll go there each time we visit Gma and Gpa! Grandma, Grandpa and Sister watched you while Daddy and I went to the Arizona game.  You got your very first Arizona cheerleader outfit  - you looked adorable!

Thanksgiving was a special one because it was our first with YOU. I am so very thankful for you my precious daughter and I feel like every day is Thanksgiving to me because I just want to thank God over and over for you.  I couldn't have imagined a love like this.  

Not long after we got back to Dallas, you ended up getting sick. This was your first time to be sick.  There was a stomach virus going around your school so we thought you had that but it turned out you had strep! It was so sad to see you sick and not be able to know what was bothering you.  We stayed home from school/work together and I nursed you back to health.  You are such a resilient little girl.  

In the last month, you've learned to crawl and now you're getting fast! You've also started pulling up on everything! We had to install a gate at the top of the stairs to keep you safe.  You are on the move! You are fearless and want to explore any and every thing!  You got your first two bottom teeth and love showing them off with a big grin. You love to wave hello and goodbye, clap, bounce to the music and laugh all the time.  You also make some funny faces. You purse your lips like you're giving a kiss or blow bubbles. You also grin so wide and squeal if we look at you with a funny face. You're so happy.

You love almost all food - and we are getting more into solids every day! Your favorite treat is pumpkin bread from Starbucks. You love getting little nibbles of that from me at the mall. :-)  Your face is priceless when you taste it for the first time- you get so excited!

We just went and met Santa and had your picture made with him and you loved him! You weren't scared a bit and sat in his lap like a champ! He said he was going to take you to the North Pole to be one of his elves but we said "No way!" :-)

We can't wait to experience each new day with you sweet girl and hope this next month doesn't go by too fast! 

You are the light of our lives. We love you beyond measure.