Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break & March 2010!

We had Kylie for Spring Break this year and it was so much fun! It was a fun-filled week...see below for the recap! 

Kylie and I went to the American Girl store for lunch at the Bistro.  Kylie, Rachel (her American Girl Doll) and I had a great time...

and we had some surprise guests...

Kylie was so excited when Meems and Mimi showed up! It was an unexpected and great surprise!You can see the joy on Kylie's sweet face!

Another day, Jeff and Kylie had a Daddy/Daughter date and went to lunch at Purple Cow and then saw Avatar in 3D.  The picture below is actually from another movie (How to Train Your Dragon) but I'm sure this is how they looked.  Hilarious.  Love these two people...even when they are wearing funny 3D glasses!! 

Spring Break ended with Me getting to have a "Girls Night" and see Black Eyed Peas in concert with some of my dear friends! Below is a picture of Mary and I at the concert. We stayed in a hotel and had an absolute blast!!

(Gotta love Mary's Fergie T-shirt that she picked up at the show.)

The week ended with another snow... 8 inches to be exact on March 20th! I think that is a record. 

Kylie went to spend the night with Popo, Coco and Mikael so we didn't get to play because it melted by the next day! However, the girls had fun doing their "photo shoot" that I don't think they even missed it one bit! 

I love the serious faces - our girls are growing up!! They did this all on their own - the outfits and everything. Mikael put everything together in a photo album complete with credits, etc. Too cute!

The rest of March was filled with fun too - we celebrated Ava's 5th Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese and cleaned out the garage!(something that was much needed and we were actually really excited to do as a family!)
Sweet Kylie with the Birthday Girl Ava!

Marley got to relax as we cleaned out the garage. Here she's laying on our "Plankets" - the tarps we use to cover up our plants in the winter. She kept finding things to lay on and it was too cute!

I would say that March was quite a success! Love to all! XOXO