Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Pictures

For my Mom's 50th birthday, we gave her a family portrait sitting and it took her almost 2 years to use it! I'm glad she finally did because the pictures turned out great thanks to the amazing Kelly Alexander!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

The whole fam! Including the sweet doggies!

The Johnsons

We love those bulldogs!

Our photogenic pup

Our beautiful grandmother Meems!

Mom and her kids

Melissa, Moo & Tay - it looks like Muddy is smiling too!

Good lookin' guys


Bulldog cousins!

Sweet couple!

My loves :-) (Minus Kylie - see our family pic at the top of the blog, I didn't want to list it twice!)

I'm shocked to know that it's mid-July and Summer is quickly fading! (At least the school summer break) We are excited to get Kylie back after her being gone for 2 weeks and we'll have her for 16 days straight! Let the fun begin!

Much love,