Wednesday, January 28, 2009

School Days - 80's Style!

Kylie came home last week and told us that she needed to dress up in 80's clothes... We were a little unsure of how to pull it off but then I remembered the old Bruce Springsteen shirt that I wore to a party a while back.  We thought you would like to see it!  She's here at the school assembly with a few of her friends.  Jeff and I thought it was pretty funny because these kids had no idea what the 80's were.  We also got a kick out of thinking that I was born in '82 and Jeff graduated from High School in '86.  Anyway, besides putting together last minute outfits, we've been busy with work and looking forward to Kylie's 9th Birthday party in a couple of weeks! We've also been dealing with the ice storm and Kylie's school was closed for the day.  Jeff and I worked from home so it was nice to have a change of pace.  Next week I'm off to Orlando for a meeting and Kylie and Jeff are going to the Daddy/Daughter Dance.  Should be a fun couple of weeks! It's also Meems' 76th Birthday on Saturday so we are going to stop by and say hi and give her some birthday hugs!    

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