Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Fun!

To start the weekend off, we threw a surprise shower on Friday for Miss Shannon who takes care of Harper! Of course, I didn't end up getting a picture of the guest of honor, but these two girls were the cutest in their dresses and hair bows! 

Harper & Lyla are best buddies at school!

On Saturday, we had a fun visit with Uncle Tay at Mimi's house! He was in town from Austin/Nashville and came for a visit! Harper wore her "My Uncle Rocks" onesie and they were like two peas in a pod. Tay loves that sweet girl and she thinks he's pretty cool too :-)

I'm seeing a trend around the Johnson household. It's a laid back approach to life. My hubby and daughter both have the bug...hopefully they'll rub off a little more on me! :-) CUTENESS!!

We've had so much fun with Harper this summer. Despite the 108 degree temps, we've been able to get in the pool later in the day when the sun is going down and we can put our sun shade over the pool.   Harper LOVES the water.  She loves to take in all the sights and sounds, look at the sun reflecting off the water and kick her chunky little legs in the water.  It's just the most precious thing you've ever seen!! 

 Tummy time on the float!

 This face just  melts my heart.

Look at that cute tushie! 
I am sure this might be a blackmail photo one day when she's older! hehe

This face makes a Monday not so bad! She's having a blast at Miss Shannon's today! :-) We love our updates on our sweet girl and appreciate Shannon more than we can even describe! Can't you just imagine what she's thinking? I just can't wait to hear her sweet voice and for her to be able to tell us what she's thinking.

She's 20 weeks old and so close to being 5 months! We can't believe how fast the time goes.  More to come soon!



The Dunaways said...

She is just precious!!! those pics in the pool are just darling!!!

Monica said...

Besties! Cute baby girls!

Kristin said...

Love that chunk butt! There's nothing better. Love you!