Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Harper is a TODDLER and Kylie is Cheering!

Sorry it's been a long time since I've blogged.  The life of a working Mom doesn't always allow time for blogging!  A couple of weeks ago Harper hit the big 18 month mark and is now officially a toddler! It's bittersweet for me because she will always be our baby, but we love watching her grow, learn and change constantly...she's keeping us on our toes for sure!  

She is so smart and funny.  She is talking up a storm and has quite the obsession with "Tay Tay" and his music. It's the cutest thing.  She knows as soon as we get the car that we listen to music and she wants to hear Tay Tay all the time.  They said she even talks about him at school, which is super cute.  We actually got to see him on September 17th - my Mom's Birthday - because he was in town for a show at House of Blues.  It was so cute to watch Harper look at him and probably think "This is Tay Tay? He's actually here and not just in a video or on the radio?!"  You could see her little mind working.    

Our cousins Kam and Cody also came in for the show and it was great to have a night of family and fun!

We love The Wild Feathers!

Happy 55th Birthday Momma! :-)

Kylie had her first game as an 8th grade cheerleader. We had fun watching her and had the cutest little "Cheer Sister" in the crowd! :-)  It's fun to go to her games each week and watch her perform.  Go Maus Mountain Lions! 

Two of Harper's favorite things - Daddy and Minnie Mouse!

 Here are some fun pictures from the last few weeks...

 Brunching with Mom and Dad

 Fun on the Carousel at the mall!

 Fun play dates with Keaton!

 Our little ham 

 Fish face!


Sister love! 

At "Aunt Mike's" game! :-)

Potty like a rock star!

Harper's new favorite words are:

  • Mouse (She loves Minnie and Mickey)
  • Nook (Milk!)
  • Alright (it means Outside?!?)
  • Bubbles
  • Show (her favorite is Madagascar 3 and Mickey Mouse clubhouse!)
  • Sock
  • Touch
  • Elmo 
  • Tister (Sister)
  • Chair
  • Fruit
  • Duck
  • Cold
  • Hot
  • Mar Mar (Marley)
  • Daddy (she went from Dada to Daddy - super cute)
  • Mama
  • Mimi
  • Tay Tay!
  • Go
  • Love
  • I love you
  • Counts to 5!
  • Potty
  • Bath
  • Hold you! (Means hold me!)
  • Pool
  • Hot Dog
  • See ya later!
  • Hug
  • Airplane
  • Teeth
  • Please
  • Thank you
Harper is very smart and loves to point out people's things. For example, I will be folding laundry and she will tell me whose pants I'm holding or who's shirt.  It's wild! She has such an amazing memory.  She also points to Daddy's chair at the table, Momma's and "Tister's".  She also points to Daddy's car and the yard equipment and says "Daddy!"   I kinda feel bad that she only associates Daddy with the yard work, but I definitely can't take any credit for how beautiful he keeps our home!

Harper is a pro getting up and down the stairs, even though we are always right behind her.  She loves to open drawers and doors so we're having to be extra careful around the house.  Thankfully our pantry door has a lock on the outside so that helps a ton! :-)  She loves to go to the grocery store and wave at everyone that walks by.  She also loves to play with her friends, even though we are still working on sharing her toys.  

Jeff and I are heading to Austin this weekend for our first full getaway since Harper has been born.  We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary a little early!  We are going to stay at a cute B&B, get spa treatments and then see The Wild Feathers play on Sunday at ACL! We can't wait! Mimi is keeping Harper for the weekend and she is excited to spoil her and play with her! :-)

Jeff has been traveling a lot but he will be home more now in the Fall months. I'm heading out on my first work trip since Harper has been born for 8 days!  Please pray for me! I know it will be fine but I will miss my girl and my sweet little family so much! I know Jeff will be a rock star while I'm gone!

Until next time...

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Monica said...

Those 8 days are going to be hard. I'll be praying for you girl! Love her Potty Like A Rock Star pic! Too cute. I'm pretty certain she has cheerleading her genes...