Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy 8 Months!

This post is a week and a half late, but for good reason. We left for Tucson the day after Harper's 8 month birthday so I haven't had a moment to sit down and reflect on the last 30 days with our little cutie.

Here are the latest 8 month pics...

Our sweet girl was so tired after a long day but we still took the pics. It's so amazing to see how big she's gotten so quickly!

Also on her 8 month birthday was the Thanksgiving Potluck at Miss Shannon's. The babies and their families had a blast! Here are a few pics...

All ready for the party - she was wearing the pearls that my her great great grandmother passed 
down to my Mom, and then to me.

 Harper and Mimi! Our little Indian girl!

Harper and her best bud Lyla

She was getting a little worn out towards the end of the party. I love when she snuggles like this!

The last month in pictures...

We celebrated your first Halloween! You were a cute little bunny! 

Photo: First Halloween was awesome!
We went to see Meems, Mimi and Uncle Kris before we went trick-or-treating! 

You loved celebrating Halloween with your big sister Kylie and we even got to see 
Aunt Mikael, Coco and Popo!

The weather finally got cold so we could start to break-out your winter wardrobe!

You are so ready to crawl and you practice all the time at school! 

You still LOVE bath time and even though it's gotten tougher because you're all over the place!

You watched lots of football games with Dada. Although you usually couldn't make it until the end of the game! :)

You and sister had another round of shots! This time it was only one for you and one for her!

Now for my letter...

Dear Harper,

It's hard to believe that you've almost been alive as long as I was pregnant! This time last year, I felt like it would be an eternity before I could meet you and snuggle with you and kiss you all over! But, as they say, time flies when you're having fun and I am having a BLAST. I thank God every day for YOU.  

This past month has been a fun one! You had your first Halloween! You were a cuddly little bunny! You didn't mind your costume one bit and wore it like a champ, even though it was a little warmer than normal.  Miss Shannon had a Halloween party at school and we had fun taking pictures of you with your school buddies.

You're about to crawl any day and the last few weeks you've been getting up on your hands and knees, rocking back and forth, scooting backwards and figuring out how to get where you want to go, whether you're crawling or not! 

You've also had a bottom front tooth that looks like it's about to come through any day - for about 2 weeks! We thought it would be here by now but so far, it's just hanging out right under your gums.  

It's been fun introducing you to new flavors and foods.  You've had some protein in the last month including turkey and chicken! The thought of pureed meat doesn't sit too well with me so we may hold off on more meats until you can chew up tiny pieces.  You're also getting so good at holding your sippy cup with both hands like a big girl! 

You've continued doing "No, no, no" and shaking your head side to side but have also started "Yes, yes, yes!" and shake your head up and down. It's so funny to us when you do it at the correct time. Like when I'm singing to you and can't carry a tune and you shake your head "no!" or when I ask if you like your food and you shake your head "yes!"...so very precious.

We all hit a big milestone this past month - our first night apart! It was time for Momma and Daddy to get some alone time to celebrate our anniversary so we packed up everything and you stayed with Mimi for the night! She had so much fun taking care of you and it put our minds at ease to know you were in such good hands! You got a little off schedule, but Daddy and I agreed - that's what grandparents are for! Fun, not routines! :-)

Harper, thank you for choosing me to be your Momma and for choosing Daddy to be your Daddy. We feel like you were the missing piece in our family and are so in love with our two daughters - - you and your big sister Kylie!  

I love you more than words and can't wait to celebrate the next month with you which is my favorite time of year - Christmas! I can only imagine how amazing all the lights and presents will be from your perspective!  

Love always, 

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