Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy 4 & 44!

This past week was one of my favorites of the entire year!  This year we had 3 fun events in one week - Harper turned 7 months, we celebrated our 4 year anniversary and Jeff turned 44! It was a blast!

First, I'd like to reflect on 4 years of marriage to my hubby...

October 18, 2008

October 21, 2012  (Kylie was in pics but we haven't gotten them back yet!)

Four years later and we may look a little older and I still have on a little extra baby weight, but I feel happier and more complete than ever before.  Sure, we've had our ups and downs, but what couple doesn't? I feel like each time we have something to go through it makes us stronger and more committed to each other. Marriage is hard. But it's also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life.  

Having a baby is the most wonderful gift but it's also been tough at times with a new schedule, less time for each other and more things to think about.  But, what I love about us is we are so committed to each other and to being great parents to Harper and Kylie, that we just make it work.  We both laugh about our lack of alone time but then remember that these moments are so fleeting and pretty soon we'll be in another stage with more time and we'll be wishing we had more time with our girls.  

So, Happy Anniversary ( a few days late in Blog World) to my partner, my friend, my biggest fan, the father of our girls and most important - My Husband - today, and always, you are the keeper of my heart.  

Now on to more fun....

It's so fun that Jeff's birthday is the day after our anniversary! Some people have said "Jeff is so smart, he chose to have your anniversary the day before his birthday so he'll never forget it!" But, the real reason we did it that was is  so we can just keep the celebration going! 

We had a lot to celebrate this year, especially since Jeff had just been gone for almost 2 weeks!  We started out the birthday weekend with some sushi with Daddy and his girls...

Kylie and I didn't get a picture for some reason, but we were there!  :-) 

Daddy had fun opening cards, talking us into trying new sushi rolls and getting loved on by both of his beautiful daughters.

Saturday we had breakfast with our good friends the Auderers and then watched the LSU vs A&M game and lounged around the house with them. It's so nice to have friends you can just relax and hang with and not have to entertain or be "on" all the time!

Saturday night, we went to Harper's first Halloween Party at the Loefflers and had a great time!

Kate the Ladybug and Harper the Bunny!

That night we came home and Harper tried on her party favor and cracked us up!!!
Daddy's caption is "Deliver all your stuffed animals to me - - or I will destroy your planet!"
Momma's caption is: "Momma and Daddy squeezed me too hard and look what happened!"
You choose your favorite! :-)

Sunday, we had family pictures and he opened a few more presents and then we went shopping for some new sunglasses for J! He got some cool ones! We finished the night with some family TV time and snuggles. I think the weekend was a success!

Can't believe that good lookin' man is all mine! :-)

On a side note, Harper went to her first RHS pep rally on Daddy's birthday and got to meet my old cheerleading sponsor Annette. We had a blast and Harper was a trooper at the homecoming pep rally and parade!  She's a future cheerleader for sure!

Jeff/Daddy/J - We love you so much and hope we made your birthday a special and memorable one!  Thank you for providing for us, loving on us all the time and for being the best daddy/hubby EVER! 
-Kasey, Kylie & Harper

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Jeff Johnson said...

Can I just say that I need to get better about commenting? :) Thank you for the kind words Darling. I fully agree. I'm very happy and I appreciate you staying on top of this for us. Between here and FaceBook. we're pretty easy to find! I love you.

I've got an amazing wife and the kids are why I'm here. I truly believe I'm just a booster rocket. My job is to get them safely to the next stage. :)

But soaking in all that cuteness makes any challenge easier. God I love coming home..

Much love to all. -Jeff