Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Months! (Over a month late!)

CLEARLY I FAILED - THIS IS MY 10 MONTH POST!! But, I want to save it so I'm still posting!

I was behind on posting Harper's 9 month post so I'm hoping to do better this month.

Before I proceed, let me give you Harper's stats when we went to her 9 (actually 9 1/2 month) appointment!

Her head is now in the 94% -- we have a smart girl on our hands! ;-)
Her height is in the 44% -- so she'll probably be a shorty like her Mama.
Her weight is in the 32% -- weighing in at 18lbs 5.5 ounces.

Her weight percentage dropped quite a bit but the doctor wasn't concerned at all because she's still growing in length.  She's thinning out a bit because of her growth and all of her crawling! She's such a busy body these days and it's precious!

Now for pics from the last month...

Our good eater! You love lots of different foods!

So cozy in your poncho! :)

I just love this picture that Sister Kylie took of you!

I came in one day and found Harper reading in her crib!

Now for my 10 month letter:

Dear Harper,

You are 10 months old. It's amazing that we are in double digits now! Time flies when you're having the time of your life!  This past month has been great but it's also brought it's challenges for sure.

Right before Christmas you were diagnosed with RSV, a bad respiratory virus that causes cough, congestion, runny nose and overall yuckiness.  That was a bummer but you didn't let that get in the way of enjoying your first Christmas!  You finished up your "sick run" with an ear infection and had to take antibiotics for 10 whole days, and that was NOT fun for any of us...but we made it through!

You are hilarious. You are always cracking us up these days.  You love to turn your head to the side, clap anytime anyone says "yay" or pretty much any time that you do a good job at anything, you love to laugh and we've gotten into some giggle fests lately that have been so fun!  You love to crawl, pretty fast I might add, all over the house. We have to keep a close eye on you because you are quick!  You are also pulling up on everything and have started "cruising" along the couches and other furniture to get around.

You are eating like a champ.  At school, Miss Shannon started doing community meals and you love eating with your friends every day.  Your favorite is pumpkin bread but you've tried so many yummy things like pancakes, ravioli, pasta, oranges, cheese, chicken, bananas, lots of veggies, etc.  We are so grateful that you love to eat!

We are so glad you are finally starting to feel better. You are such a joy and a love.  You are amazing, sweet, fun and funny. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  Happy 10 months baby girl!

Much love,
Momma :-)

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