Thursday, May 23, 2013

Johnson Girls Updates!

Hi friends,

It's been a while. I kinda took a break from blogging, not that I was that great to begin with...but anyway!  Life is good in the Johnson home - just BUSY! Harper is growing like a weed and Miss Kylie is keeping us busy with all her extra-curricular activities.  So here's a little update on each of our girls.

Harper is just over 14 months.  She's walking like a champ, and talking like crazy! She loves to try and say just about anything you ask her to, and it's adorable.  Here's a list of her favorite things to say right now:

  • HI! (And she says it with such enthusiasm!)
  • Happy
  • Harper (it's so cute to hear her say her own name)
  • Mama!
  • Dada!
  • Tister! (Sister)
  • Mar Mar (Marley
  • Nack (Snack)
  • Nana (Banana)
  • Night Night
  • Bye Bye
  • Hop!
  • Ba - Barney or Blanket (She says the same thing for both)
  • Boo - Book
  • Bubble
  • Baby
  • No no no (She loves to mimic me saying No to Marley, complete with shaking her finger!)
  • Mimi
  • Popo
  • Pop Pop (Poppie)
  • Tay Tay
  • Apple
Here's a video of her saying "Happy" and a few other things... she definitely is a happy girl!

She's also a little smart thing. She can point to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, teeth, feet, hands, belly/belly button.  She's just an absolute joy to be around.  She has started making a fish face and leaning in to kiss us and it just melts our hearts.  She will pat us on the back when she hugs us and now likes to carry her own bag into school like a big girl.  They also started using nap mats, and Harper just loves hers. It's the cutest thing. When it's at home, she always wants to roll it out and lay down. Sweetest girl.

She's sleeping great and we have such a fun night time routine these days. We read a couple of books, drink some water, then she says "Ba" and I get her blanket and rock her for a few minutes. We say prayers and then she goes into bed.  She'll play for a few minutes and wiggle around the bed and then she's sound asleep! 

I weighed her the other day and I think she's about 22 pounds although it's hard to keep her still long enough for the scale to get a good reading!  She got in the pool for the first time this past weekend and loved it.  She's definitely a water baby!

We had her child dedication last weekend at church and it was a wonderful, beautiful service.  It was special to have friends and family there to celebrate with us although we definitely missed the family that couldn't be there.  Thank goodness for videos, right? :-)

Now on to Miss Kylie, our busy bee teenager!  

Our weeks have turned into an array of shuttle services and we realize how lucky we've been for so long with not having to be in constant motion...although we wouldn't change a thing! Kylie is so happy and we are loving watch her embrace her new role as a cheerleader!  She has tumbling on Wednesday nights, cheer practice at 7 am on Thursday mornings and then tumble and stunt class on Thursday nights!  

Kylie also just got inducted to the National Junior Honor Society and we are so proud of her! She is such a smart girl and has grown into a very responsible and well rounded young lady.  Keep up the good work Kylie! 

She has just two weeks left of school and is super excited for the summer.  She has lots of fun things planned, including a trip to South Padre with her friend Hailey and of course, our Florida trip at the end of July.  She might even have another trip in the works but we're not sure about that one yet. Lucky girl! 

I'm trying to catch up on current events so I'll keep posting pics/updates! 

Much love!
The J Crew

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